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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:25

Donations and Support

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Through your donations and support we will achieve our goal of improving the living conditions of many women and their families ... there is a lot to do in order to achieve this great dream!

Your contribution will help to support our programs and to develop each one of our projects. Every grant we receive helps to raise a family and serves as the instrument that helps them to achieve their long and short term goals.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:24

About Us

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Who we are...

We are a nonprofit organization established in the city of Reston, Virginia. We are interested in working with families and women who are in crisis or who are experiencing domestic violence orabuse. We are a group that is committed to making our society aware of this socio-cultural problem, which is affecting people today at an alarming rate.

Our organization is aimed at all women and families who are looking for a place to be heard and supported without respect to race, religion, cultural or educational level. We believe that women and their families have the right to lead healthy and stable lives so that they can prepare for a promising future. We have excellent strategies to will help women and their families achieve all of their goals and aspirations.


To develop programs in the fields of information and training to guide each of our individual participants according to their needs. To publicize the potential of every woman in society, at home, and in the different areas of their lives by creating successful employment workshops, seminars, classes and support groups. To increase learning and development strategies and help guide families to achieve their full potential.


To become an entity that achieves integration and multicultural unity, wherein each member can realize their personal, familial, and professional goals and aspirations. To impact the lives of families and to see real results in restoring families and women to their proper place, valued as they deserve.

Resources and Support

Through your donations and support we will achieve our goal of improving the living conditions of many women and their families ... there is a lot to do in order to achieve this great dream!

Your contribution will help to support our programs and to develop each one of our projects. Every grant we receive helps to raise a family and serves as the instrument that helps them to achieve their long and short term goals.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:24


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1. Breaking the Silence (A group for support and making connections)

(Family or domestic violence); We provide all the necessary information on places to go to find legal help for your emotional and physical needs, as well as counseling and rehabilitation programs. We refer people who come to us, depending on their situation, to local programs and agencies specializing in domestic violence and sexual abuse. We work closely with support groups and counselors who give comfort, understanding, and hope to women that they can change their situation.

2. Open Doors

This program offers a range of resources in the area so that you can train yourself and learn more about the job opportunities and skills that you can develop. Open doors provides training workshops and seminars to expand your vision for a better future in both the professional and intellectual realms. Working Women develop their own teaching workshops and seminars involving specialized professionals who participate and contribute positively to the lives of the participants.

3. Helping hands (Social Work)

This program offers consolation and support; visits are made to families in situations of emergency, crisis or abuse. As a part of this program, we have also created the "Club of Friendship" in which members can interact, meet other people and share their experiences in order to discover and activate their talents and to be a positive influence on others in the group. We are aiming to unify the members of our multicultural, local community.

4.-Saving Families

 Is a program designed to train and train any person, organization or religious institution that has understood the importance of domestic violence within our community. We developed a job with the Office of Women in Fairfax County Virginia, training started this work as a promoter for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:22

Women Working

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Women Working Org, is a nonprofit organization created in response to a dream job in the heart of a woman and mother having been a survivor of domestic violence. Its history as an immigrant in the United States face a number of barriers and limitations, made ​​this experience marked his life and his family. The support of professional institutions, resources and services in general helped this situation is temporary and that today she is the spokesperson for their survival, now turned into a powerful resource to help other women and families who are or have experienced Domestic Violence and abuse in different ways. The organization consists of a team of committed people who work for the fulfillment of this dream and the challenge of helping many families and individuals as possible to overcome obstacles and limitations in their lives.

Working together with local government programs, private and community organizations have helped the results are obvious and impressive in short periods of time.
Our organization provides information, training and reference to a variety of local services that are offered by other agencies and / or community centers in the County as:
-Specialized programs in the Prevention of Domestic Violence
-Services and Education Programs
-Legal Services
-Consulting Services financial affairs
Programs-Housing Services
Women Working, has a proper information and training material to serve the community and people who want to work and support our cause, but also a series of programs to be developed as needed and the situation that arises.



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